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A great selection of equipments such as Japanese armours, Katana replicas, Ninja costumes, and much more!

In our studio, we have Japanese armours of various Samurais from Sengoku era. You can experience wearing the Samurai armours and enjoy take your cool photos! In addition to Samurai armours, we also offer various items such as Katana replicas and Ninja costumes. You can enjoy your styles of the Sengoku World! Our staff is ready for you to help wearing armours. Both adults and kids are welcome!

  • Become a legendary Samurai!
  • Take your cool Samurai photo in SAMURAISTUDIO78
  • Ninja, Kimono, and much more!

Armours, Costumes, Equipments

  • SANADA_YUKIMURASanada Yukimura
  • TAKEDA_KUROSONAETakeda Kurosonae
  • TAKEDA_AKASONAETakeda Akasonae

Great Selection of Weapons and Gears!

From Katana (Samurai sword) to Zori (Japanese sandals), a great selection of equipments/gadgets are available.

About Costumes

  • The sizes of the armours, Ninja costumes etc. are limited. So we might not be able to meet your request. Please contact us in advance if you are not sure.